Some favourite family portrait photographs – in the studio, at home and on location.

Sisters at home. Children (and adults too) are more relaxed on their home turf.
Lisa, Matthew and the kids.
A family portrait in the garden.
portrait of a girl in the garden
I love the personality that comes through here :)
mother and son portrait
Surbhi and baby Aahan. How precious will this mother and son portrait be in the years to come?
evie on a horse in the bluebell woods
Evie on 'Red' in the bluebell woods.
A relaxed and informal studio portrait
"...absolutely stunning portaits...just beautiful!"
Anna and Martin Calhoun
Silchester, Berkshire
A lovely laid back Spring portrait.
A family photo at home
Cuddles on the sofa.
family photos at home
A relaxed portrait at home in the garden.
An informal summer portrait, lovely to look back on in the years to come.
"The kids are growing up so fast, and out of the house so much that it's a real pleasure to have the beautiful portraits on the wall where we can see them every day."
Stuart and Anita Hunt
Goring-on-Thames, Oxon.
A family portrait in the garden
Another relaxed garden portrait.
The children and the grandparents - a lovely gift idea.
Coordinated clothing makes a big difference to the final portrait.
Informal at-home portrait. The personality of the boys really comes through in this image.
family portrait in the grounds of a hotel
Celebrating a get together with a family portrait
professional family photography
This kind of portrait will mean as much to the little ones one day as it does today.
A garden portrait with everyone (and the dog of course!)

Do you feel that you had enough photographs of you as a child
with your parents?