Black and White Studio Photography

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joshua and georgia black and white photographIt was a pleasure to welcome back Lindsay, Chris and the kids. The idea behind today’s studio portrait session was to create a low key black and white family photograph. I’ve always loved black and white since the days of film photography. It’s a medium which is slow to date and will, in my view, have just as much meaning when Joshua and Georgia are the same age as their parents as it does now.

It’s the opposite of a white background, energetic image with pumped up colours and this style focusses on the faces of the family. I think it’s a timeless style and will continue to look good many years in the future.

My thanks go to Lindsay and Chris for bring the family in again – it’s always a pleasure to create some new images for the family gallery :)

If you’re interested in commissioning a classic black and white portrait of your family, please call for a no obligation chat on 0118 9885088.


studio family photograph