Family Portrait Photography | Henley

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Here are some of my favourite family portrait photographs from a session I did in Henley-on-Thames recently.

David and Lisa asked me to photograph their family at their home just outside Henley town centre. Whenever I photograph families with older children I am only too well aware that it’s a time of life when the kids are due to fly the nest very soon and will come back home in a month, in six months or a year and are very different from when they left.

It’s often a time of university, travel or work and although my two children are only 11 and 14 now, I know that it’s only a matter of time before they are off into the unknown. It is such a pleasure to have some family portraits hanging in a room where you spend a lot of time. Even these days we only sit down for dinner together at weekends as the working week seems like one mad rush. I know when my kids are off on their own adventures, our own family portrait becomes so much more than a picture filling a space on a wall – it’s a wonderful reminder of the family time we spent together.

Very frequently families tell me a family portrait is something they have been meaning to get around to for ages and it’s always a pleasure to work for these families producing something that I know they will treasure for many years to come.