Family Portrait Photography in Three Mile Cross, Reading

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I love photographing families at home and on location, as I’ve written before many times, the photographs have much more meaning photographed at home and in the garden than in the sterile confines of the studio. That’s not to say studio photography doesn’t have it’s place, it’s great for newborn baby photography for example and for when location portraiture isn’t an option for one reason or another. I love that the children are more relaxed in their own surroundings and this means their personalities come to the fore as they are comfortable in their own surroundings. Here’s a case in point – I was asked by Angela and Martin to photograph little Zara (who I last photographed as a baby and her new sister Cerys at home in Three Mile Cross near Reading.

Little Zara was a bundle of energy and we got some great photographs as I chased them around the garden. Here’s a few that caught my eye as I was editing the session.

I love the colours of the background fence here, they have a great, weathered look that goes well with Zara’s clothing.

A Three Mile Cross family portrait session

Little sister Cerys does a spot of pruning.

Children's portrait photography in Reading Berkshire

The two sisters. Zara posing beautifully (I’m sure I’ve seen that pose in a Victorian story book) and little Cerys – just a fraction too shy to leave her dad’s arms for very long.

Children and baby portraits in Three Mile Cross, Reading

Can you tell Cerys loves having her picture taken? :) I noticed that the colours of the plant pot matched her outfit quite well so I had her stand here for a photograph.

Baby Photography, Three Mile Cross, Reading, Berkshire

Thanks for looking!