Birthdays, Christmas and other occasions always throw up the same problem; what to get the person who has everything? Traditional gift certificates, say for chain stores or retail websites can seem impersonal and uncaring. The lovely thing about the portrait Gift Voucher is not only can it be exchanged for something wonderful and long lasting, it can also be personalised and dedicated to the recipient if you wish. Who do you know who would love a gift voucher? This truly is the perfect present! Parents will relish the opportunity to capture their offspring as they are now, creating cherished memories. Expectant parents will love ‘bump portraits’ – or may want to hang on for the new arrival, to capture their infant’s first days in memorable style. In short, there’s a gift certificate for everyone in your life!

Our Gift Certificates are a cut above the usual slip of paper. After we have personalised the wording, they are printed on to a sturdy paper stock which is then hand framed in a quality desk frame. It is a wonderful gift to give and according to my clients, wonderful to watch the recipient open on the day of the celebration. I think that when we get past a certain age, the usual material gifts – toaster, radio, hairdryer… cease to have much of an impact. As the years go by a lot of realise that our family is the most important thing in our lives. To have the gift of a beautiful family portrait is, literally, priceless. Our Gift Vouchers are very popular for parents and grandparents and to have a warm, emotional portrait of your loved ones on the wall, particularly when the family is absent most of the time, is a gift that will bring tears to their eyes.

Please call Simon on 0118 9885088 for a no obligation chat. Our Gift Vouchers are of course covered by our same unique photography guarantee as the rest of our work

photo of framed portrait photography gift certificate
* Framed gift voucher may differ a little from this illustration.
"Our daughter will have something very special to look at when she gets older. The photographs captured the moment perfectly and we will treasure them forever!"
Eleri and Rich Jones
Tilehurst, Reading, Berkshire
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