Family Portrait Photography – Rachael, Dan and Family

I had photographed Rachael and Daniel’s wedding and documented their babies as the family grew and it was a pleasure today to visit their home for some family portrait photography and update the family album with some relaxed pictures¬† of the children. Here are a few images that caught my eye at the editing stage. Children often are more at ease at home and it’s a great opportunity to shoot some images of them in their own surroundings.

family photograph on stairs
brother and sister photography portrait
photography portraits on stairs
father and son portraits

Berkshire Family Portrait Photography – Steve, Lisa and Family

It was a pleasure to welcome back Steve, Lisa and the boys for another studio family portrait photography session today. I understand that in America a lot of families book a family portrait session once a year which is a really nice idea. I think most parents would agree with me that the children grow up pretty fast and how valuable would an album be with, say, 20 family portraits spaced a year apart? Pretty amazing I think. Here are few favourites from Steve and Lisa’s studio portrait session.

studio family photographic portraits in reading berkshire
sitting baby photograph
photo of 2 young brothers
jumping boy photograph

Berkshire Family Photography – Andy, Viv and Charlotte

reading berkshire home portraits
I love shooting family portraits at home. Sometimes it’s a really nice thing to do – often young children are more relaxed and secure in their own surroundings and this makes the portrait photography a little easier. There is also more room for the children to move around and this makes for some interesting photographs.

The lighting can be a challenge outside the confines of the studio but I enjoy the challenge. The backgrounds to the images are obviously a lot more personal to the subjects. Given that family portraits are treasured for decades after the event I think it’s really nice for the children to have this insight into how their house looked when they were young and also how their parents looked at the time.

I had photographed Andy and Viv’s wedding a few years previously and it was a delight to be asked back to photograph them and baby Charlotte.

Here are a few favourite images from their home portrait session.

Usually we spend around an hour and a half shooting a family session at home and this can be extended if necessary. I find with younger children that it’s best to let them dictate the pace of the session. Sometimes it’s fun to extend the session with a trip to the local park or other outdoor location. In a few years it’s lovely to look back on what seems like a normal everyday occurrence for the children.

**Click here** if you would like to know more about our family portraits at home.

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