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I often say this, but I really do have the best job in the world. It’s been my pleasure for many years to photograph weddings and family portraits in and around Reading in Berkshire. It’s always wonderful when my brides and grooms ask me to photograph their growing families.

Chloe and Becky, Tara and Chris’s beautiful daughters were a joy to photograph. It was lovely when I turned up for the family photography session at their home in Finchampstead, to be presented with drawing the girls had made. Sadly, even though I have a purple shirt (don’t judge), I don’t have a red camera :)

The girls were a pleasure to photograph and below is one of my favourite images from the session. When I’m booked for a family portrait, I always visit your home ahead of the session and I feel that meeting the family members makes a great difference to the photographs.

portrait of two girls at home

A musician’s portrait

portrait of a violinist by a lake

This is Ellie from Arborfield. She is a talented violinist, singer and pianist. For this portrait, I wanted something different from the normal studio style photograph of a musician so we elected to shoot on location in Bramshill Forest in Hampshire. I think Ellie’s dress contrasts beautifully with the sky and the happy accident of the swan is a nice touch.

Silver Hound

dog portrait

Dogs are part of the family of course and I am always happy to include them in family portrait. Sometimes it’s nice however to take a bit more time and photograph the faithful family friend in more of a natural situation. Making this kind of portrait takes a bit longer (dogs are usually not as cooperative as humans!) but it’s always worth the effort.

Call me on 0118 9885088 to learn about our special offers on dog photography this summer.

Black and White Studio Photography

joshua and georgia black and white photograph
It was a pleasure to welcome back Lindsay, Chris and the kids. The idea behind today’s studio portrait session was to create a low key black and white family photograph. I’ve always loved black and white since the days of film photography. It’s a medium which is slow to date and will, in my view, have just as much meaning when Joshua and Georgia are the same age as their parents as it does now.

It’s the opposite of a white background, energetic image with pumped up colours and this style focusses on the faces of the family. I think it’s a timeless style and will continue to look good many years in the future.

My thanks go to Lindsay and Chris for bring the family in again – it’s always a pleasure to create some new images for the family gallery :)

If you’re interested in commissioning a classic black and white portrait of your family, please call for a no obligation chat on 0118 9885088.


studio family photograph

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