The Value of Family Portrait Photography

family-photography-reading-berkshireHow much is a family portrait worth? If you’ve never had any professional photographs of your family or children, and it was possible to ask you that question in 30 or 40 years time, I guess the answer would be that it was priceless. A lot of people I speak to say they have been trying to get around to it for ages.

I love photographing families and children. As a father of two myself I know how quickly time goes by. Also (and I know you’re going to hate me for this) it’s really important for you to be in the portrait photographs along with your children. This is not for you, this is for the kids when they are grown up.

I believe it’s of immense importance when you reach adulthood to have some relaxed photographs of you and your parents when they were young. It’s kind of nice when you think about it – booking a family portrait session as a long term gift for your children. Without getting mushy about it, I think that when your babies get to the age that you are now, it’s a beautiful thing to have some pictures of their parents, a tangible link with where they have come from if you like.

I shoot in relaxed style, informal and natural to produce some memorable images. There is no time like the present so please call or email. We will highlight any special portrait photography promotions here but do contact us to be placed on our mailing list so you don’t miss out.


About Simon

portrait photography reading wokingham berkshireI am a Berkshire-based portrait and people photographer, based in Reading and have been in business for over fifteen years as a professional photographer. I am married and live with my ever patient wife,  two young children, two ducks, two gerbils and a dog.

Prior to starting my own business I worked for Ilford Photo and a couple of commercial photographic laboratories. I have won multiple awards for my work and have a degree in Professional Photographic Imaging.

When I was younger I travelled a great deal and saw a lot of the world. In my mid twenties it struck me  like a thunderbolt one day that I took hardly any pictures in my travels. I think when you are young it doesn’t occur to you to worry about such things and you give little thought to looking back on your youth, the landmarks in your life and what you looked like at the time. After my epiphany I bought an elderly secondhand  Olympus SLR, a couple of lenses and a box of Kodachrome and started taking pictures. My obsession grew and in 1992 I started photographing portraits seriously, for a couple of friends at first but then friends of friends started hiring me and it grew from there. I can’t imagine not taking pictures these days, it’s something I simply love to do and I think it shows in my work.

From the beginning it was always people pictures that drew me so it was natural that I would gravitate towards  portrait photography and people related imagery in general. A few years after starting I quit my day job and here I am now still enjoying it as much as I ever did.

Have a look around and let me know if you need some more information. You are welcome to drop by our little studio (by appointment only please) and look through some of our books and albums. If you would prefer to call rather than email you can reach me on 0118 9885088 or 07889 364269.

Simon Kemp